hello & welcome

I have had various blogs online since I was about 11 years old. Most people who have known me for a while have probably seen at least one example, whether that is my prepubescent-Piczo or teen-angst Tumblr, plus the various attempts at semi professional blogspot type things inbetween. I was always thinking I was going to be the next Tavi Gevinson, before realising I lacked the patience, and perhaps didn’t have that much to say. Despite all of the aforementioned failed attempts, and the diminished audience for actual written blogs, I have decided to start this shiny new one anyway.

I am currently studying Film Studies: Programming and Curation at the NFTS and as part of my course we have to write some reviews, and I felt I ought to have a place to share my writing beyond the classroom. I am also watching films pretty much all day every day, so it would be a good habit to get into to write about and share my thoughts on some things, and hopefully that will be beneficial/fun for me and to anyone who can be bothered to read it. So this mostly be thoughts about stuff I watch, but I will try to incorporate some other stuff & we’ll just see how things go.

The name “Person Friday” comes from the film “I’ve Heard The Mermaids Singing” (1987) directed by Patricia Rozema. It’s a great Canadian film I borrowed from my university library. It’s about a slightly dopey “girl friday” (who prefers the gender neutral “person friday”) who ends up in a position as an assistant to a gallery curator and struggles to fit in in the art world. I was inspired to steal this title (and header image) because she was an extremely relatable character and the film was a lot of fun (I recommend you watch it).

This may just end up as another one of my many, many scrunched up pieces of paper in the rubbish bin of the internet, but it’s worth a try isn’t it?

lots of love,



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