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Person Friday’s Favourite Films of 2020

Imagine this is a food blog and you are just trying to get to the recipe: please feel free to scroll past my rambling to get onto the lists, but do read below for a bit of the context and thought process behind the lists if you are so inclined... Jump to:Fiction Favourites (Top 20)Special… Continue reading Person Friday’s Favourite Films of 2020


Matchbox Cineclub’s “Weird Weekend” Film Festival Preview

I’ve been thinking a lot about cult cinema recently. It all started when I was thinking about the Greatest Movie Ever Made, “Josie And The Pussycats” and I came across this video essay by John Field all about it. In the essay, he talks a little about what he calls the “cult canon” and how… Continue reading Matchbox Cineclub’s “Weird Weekend” Film Festival Preview

Teens On The Edge Of Town: “Blinded By The Light” Review

As a long time fan of Gurinder Chadha’s “Bend It Like Beckham”, I was really excited for her latest “Blinded By The Light”, especially because I love movies about teenagers and/or music. The premise: Javed Khan (Viveik Kalra) is a boy from Luton growing up in a strict Pakistani family during the politically turbulent 80’s.… Continue reading Teens On The Edge Of Town: “Blinded By The Light” Review

Romance and Adventure: “The General” Haiku Salut/Buster Keaton review

Back in May, I got myself a ticket to a screening of Buster Keaton’s “The General” (1926), taking place at London’s Rich Mix. It was an extra special night as the film was to be accompanied by a new score composed by experimental Derbyshire band Haiku Salut (a band who's previous work I have liked… Continue reading Romance and Adventure: “The General” Haiku Salut/Buster Keaton review

A Life Consumed By Work: On “Nightcleaners” and “The Chambermaid”

On the evening of Monday 29th July, I attended a free screening of the 1975 documentary “Nightcleaners” at Output Gallery in Liverpool. It’s a film I had been wanting to see for a while, and since I am back at home for the week, I jumped onto a train into the city to check it… Continue reading A Life Consumed By Work: On “Nightcleaners” and “The Chambermaid”